Lake Drive Villas

Boasting a panoramic view of Lake Victoria, these spacious villas come furnished or unfurnished each with it's own garden. In addition to the four bedrooms within the house, each villa provides a room for staff outside. The quaint and secure estate comes equipped with a communal pool area and changing rooms as well as an on site office and manager

Summit View Apartments

Fully furnished & serviced apartments located in Kololo, one of the city's most illustrious and secure neighbourhoods. Situated at the top of Kololo Hill, we offer a stunning view, are surrounded by several Embassies adding to the security. We are within walkable distance of the city's most prominent shopping malls and restaurants

Mutungo Villas

Situated on Mutungo Hill in a small enclosed estate, these charming villas and beautiful gardens make for the perfect family home. The villas have a pool and outdoor lounge area and 24 hour security.